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XJacKer Soniq Rush 2.0
XJacKer Soniq Rush 2.0 ~ Xbox 360 Edition!XJacKer Soniq Rush 2.0 ~ PlayStation 3 Edition
XJacKer 360 Kit ~ Available now!XJacKer 360 Kit ~ Available now!
XJacKer PS3 Kit ~ Available now!XJacKer PS3 Kit ~ Available now!
XJacKer is a family of Xbox™ headset adapter kits that let you use any PC headset as a Xbox™ 360 head set with stereo game audio + Xbox™ Live chat! Our kits also work with PS3® game audio as PS3® headphone adapters.

Whether you want to connect to your TV/Stereo or directly to your Xbox™, XJacker kits are everything you need, nothing you don't, to get what you want at the lowest prices possible.

Why spend a grip on a separate Astro, Turtle Beach, Tritton or SteelSeries headset for Xbox™ 360 only? Astro mixamps and Turtle Beach DSS are nice, but they are as expensive as your console! Use the cash you save to grab a few new games instead! With Halo:Reach, Call of Duty:Black Ops, and Medal of Honor action in full swing, you're either playing well with others or stuck playing with yourself!
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